fiber magazine on our CD "Songs we can sell"

Aaaaahhhh - such a nice review of our CD "Songs we can sell" in the fiber magazine by Stefanie Rohrbach (-: ! Hope you like it, too!

News from/Nachricht von irizzz / 01 Jul 2013
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die CD

So sieht sie aus die CD - Kartonstecktasche mit CD, 7 songs und 1 Booklet mit Songtexten und Bildern inklusive.

Käuflich zu erwerben gibts es sie bei kommenden Konzerten und bei merchandise-ständen bei einem konzert deines/unseres lieblings labels... ;-)

Our records are available in Vienna at ChickLit, Recordbag, Substance, Rave Up
in Graz at Interstellar Records - Mailorder and Dux Records + of course at Unrecords-Parties...

Mail-order: If you want to buy some of those records please just write to
(All prices are without shipping costs - please ask!)

check out the songs von der CD auf soundcloud

News from/Nachricht von number_5_is_alive / 04 Jan 2013
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UNREC 02 release 'Songs we can sell'

Die Begleitmusik des Weltuntergangs

Unrecords 02 Unrelease Party

Norah Noizzze & Band: "Songs we can sell"
+ шaпкa live

DJing: Mayr / Ms. Mutt

Weltuntergags Aftershow Party hosted by шaпкa!


21.12., 21:12 Planet 10, Pernerstorfergasse 12, 1100 Wien
Eintritt: 3-5 euro

Ab 21.12. gilt es wirklich: Rock'n Roll ist tot oder riecht zumindest komisch, was aber auch schon egal sein sollte. Denn: Der Maya-Kalender zeigt definitiv auf Weltuntergang (wie behauptet wird), die Geschäftemacherei mit der Apokalypse ist daher auch Geschichte (sofern es ab 22.12. noch eine gibt) und so lässt sich zur Wintersonnenwende genußvoll feiern, dass es ab dieser Nacht wieder endlich wieder Sommer würde, gäbe es dann noch eine Zeit. Ob es dann noch eine gibt - kein Unterschied! So oder so ist das Ende der Winterdepression angesagt und es lässt sich optimistisch rekapitulieren, was alles untergeht, wenn es untergeht:

read more see below...........

News from/Nachricht von number_5_is_alive / 06 Dec 2012
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save the date - CD Release 'SONGS WE CAN SELL' - 21.12.2012

juchuuu -
unsere CD erscheint und das wird gefeiert am:


mehr infos folgen

News from/Nachricht von number_5_is_alive / 23 Nov 2012

upcoming release

NORAH NOIZZZE & BAND will release their debut album in autumn 2012

at our new label:

News from/Nachricht von number_5_is_alive / 21 Apr 2012

NN&B on the second GRRRL compilation

we proudly announce our participation on the second GRRRL compilation - yeah!

riotgrrrlberlin - this is what feminism sounds like

"...more than 3 hours of super cool and new grrrl music. and 71 bands!!!..." 

compilation02 - 2012 (including 'Winterdepression' - Norah Noizzze & Band)

all compilations

News from/Nachricht von number_5_is_alive / 21 Feb 2012

UNI BRENNT compilation

Norah Noizzze & Band haben sich an der Compilation von



dies ist das produkt:

das projekt hat auch eine myspace seite
Text zum CD Prjekt und Trackliste unter 'mehr lesen unten'

News from/Nachricht von number_5_is_alive / 29 Mar 2010
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NN&B contribution to 'Decade - Dance'

We contributed 1 song to the new february CD project of chabane's records

album downloadable - 195 mb here

cd credits - see read more below

News from/Nachricht von number_5_is_alive / 10 Mar 2010
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CD out - 'Episode'

1st CD out: Norah Noizzze and Band 'Episode'

frontside cd

backside cd

01 MasturBate's Motel
02 Sitting in a Hetero Bar (Remix)
03 Loose
04 Vulkan (Remix)

News from/Nachricht von number_5_is_alive / 26 Jun 2009

Ladyfest Anthem @ Dig me out-Homepage

April 2008: Norah Noizzze's song "Ladyfest Anthem" (in a "Norah Noizzze plugged to herself" recording of April 2008) and "Sitting in a Hetero Bar" (recorded by Norah Noizzze's former band "Palslut") were released online via

This is the homepage of an upcoming DVD produced by the public art center Arteleku based in San Sebastian, Gipuzkoa, Spain.

More about the project:

Dig me out
Discourses on popular music, gender and ethnicity

A DVD-publication edited my María José Belbel and Rosa Reitsamer, funded by Arteleku (Diputación de Gipuzkoa, Donostia/San Sebastian, Basque Country)

Full story in the "Read more" section below!

News from/Nachricht von irizzz / 31 May 2009
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Solo stuff: Cover version of "Dying is like an Art" by Fundamental Attribution Error

06.01.2009, solo stuff: Norah Noizzze plugged to herself 's cover version of "The Art of Dying" (or: "Dying is like an Art") - a song by the Berlin-based band "Fundamental Attribution Error" - was released by them online. This song was also performed by Norah Noizzze's side project "Zzzombitch" at their first gig at the 27th of January at the Chelsea Vienna.

Download Norah Noizzze's cover version of "The Art of Dying" at:

This is what Fundamental Attribution Error say about the cover Version:

"The Art of Dying"- hot hot cover version incl. screamo de luxe from Vienna  

Oh, yay. Norah Noizzze ( and did a fabulous cover of "The Art of Dying".

Download cover version here:

Cover "The Art of Dying"


News from/Nachricht von irizzz / 31 May 2009

Video clip "Winterdepression" released!

By the 15th of December 2008, Norah Noizzze & Band have released their first video clip "Winterdepression" through their Youtube-channel.

This video was also featured in two of Christina Nemec' "Popplastika"-shows at Okto TV at the 1st of January 2009 and the 27th of March 2009. You can access it directly via:

News from/Nachricht von irizzz / 31 May 2009

6 live video clips released through our Youtube-channel

Between August and October 2008, we have released 6 live video clips covering our debut performance at the "Ladyzzz' Mile"-festival (23./24.06.2008) at the Fluc Vienna through our Youtube-channel. You can access them via

Here is a list of the clips:

News from/Nachricht von irizzz / 31 May 2009

Split CD by Norah Noizzze and Palslut "DEMOsKopie"

May 2008: Split CD by Norah Noizzze and Palslut "DEMOsKopie" released.

DEMOsKopie - Cover

Track Listing:
1. Sitting in a Hetero Bar (Palslut)
2. Winterdepression (Norah Noizzze)
3. Obsessed (Norah Noizzze)
4. Ladyfest Anthem (Norah Noizzze)
5. Vulkan (Norah Noizzze)
6. Queer Blues (Palslut)
7. Die Basis des Protests (Palslut)
8. Questions (Norah Noizzze)

This self-produced and self-distributed Demo CD is based on recordings prior to the forming of  Norah Noizzze & Band. Most of the tracks (2, 3, 5, 8) were recorded by Norah Noizzze in May 2008 with Bettina Köster and Ines Perschy at their studio in Sieti in southern Italy. Thank you so much for your friendly support and the great time in Sieti! :-)

News from/Nachricht von irizzz / 31 May 2009

"Sitting in a Hetero Bar" by The Biggest Schnitzel in Universe

In spring 2008,  "The Biggest Schnitzel in Universe", a Berlin-based band, have done a cover version of Norah Noizzze's "Sitting in a Hetero Bar".

News from/Nachricht von irizzz / 31 May 2009

"Sitting in a Hetero Bar" on FMqueer Xmas sampler 2007

Prior to the forming of Norah Noizzze & Band the Norah Noizzze-song "Sitting in a Hetero Bar" was released in a cover version performed by zum Beispiel: ... ( on the FMqueer Xmas sampler, which was a gift for the guests at the FMqueer Xmas party 2007.

Here is a link to the cover version:

News from/Nachricht von irizzz / 31 May 2009
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