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Norah Noizzze's electronic trashrock fun side project Zzzombitch:

Norah Noizzze's former band Palslut:

Station Records:

"Our" recording studio ...

Our internet provider ...

Chabane's Records:

Loose recorded by Norah Noizzze & Band and Little Doll recorded by Thora Donner's Noizzze Theatre (aka Norah Noizzze plugged to herself) are going to appear on the Our Idea Of Fun - A Tribute To Ron Asheton And The Stooges sampler by Chabane's Records in 2009.

Dig me out:

Discourses on popular music, gender and ethnicity

A DVD-publication edited my María José Belbel and Rosa Reitsamer, funded by Arteleku (Diputación de Gipuzkoa, Donostia/San Sebastian, Basque Country).

Ladyfest Anthem recorded by Norah Noizzze plugged to herself has appeared in 2009 on this sampler. Also, Sitting in a Hetero Bar in a recording by Norah Noizzze's former band Palslut has appeared on this sampler.

Ladyfest Wien:

Where we have started to play in 2007 ... Also one of the events where the whole queer independent music in Vienna scene has started.

News from/Nachricht von irizzz / 30 May 2009
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